We’re on a mission to
save the planet, one day at a time.

(It’s a tall task, but we’re up to the challenge!) 
Our Story
How a 12-year old "eco-friendly" poo bag started our revolution...

Hi there, we're Kevin & Luana. Rewind a few years, when we had the exciting idea to start a business called Earthtacular. As proud pet owners, we planned to design strong, resilient poo bags for people to use on walks with their furry friends. All the other bags we’d tried were weak, flimsy, and easily breakable ... and that needed to change! 

So that’s where we were – on the path to creating the first iteration of our “eco-friendly” Earthtacular products … 

Then a backyard discovery changed everything. 

As we were working on our backyard garden, we dug up an old “eco-friendly” poo bag. Due to its branding and logo, we were able to conclude that the bag was roughly 12 years old.

Upon pulling the bag out all these years later, we were stunned to see that it was still completely intact. 

Still strong, still in one piece, still fully usable.  

This was despite the bag being at least 12 YEARS OLD and from a well-known, environmentally-conscious brand.  

Almost a decade and a half later, this plastic bag had barely broken down (if at all) and was still polluting our planet.  

This got us thinking. 

→ How many well-meaning pet owners out there assume their poo bags are fully compostable, when they’re NOT? 

→ How many people are “green-washed” by clever marketing phrases that sound impressive … but actually mean NOTHING? 

→ How could we, as new business owners in the pet space, do something DIFFERENT to help reduce all the plastic polluting our planet?   

Meet our fearless mascot, Rex the superdog

Rex represents all our canine friends and families fighting for a cleaner planet. 

His name has Latin roots and means “King” – fitting for a superdog. From his vantage point flying over Earth, he reports environmental issues and teaches us ways to work together to create a cleaner, more sustainable planet for future generations. 

And the first step starts with us!

We can switch to Rex™ Truly Compostable Poo Bags for the day-to-day disposal of another fully compostable product – our dogs’ poo. 

With Rex’s help, we can also create a superhero team of people who pick up and dispose of their dog's poo responsibly. Let’s change the urban norm to one where using compostable poo bags becomes an expected practice in respecting our planet, the environment, and especially each other

Meet Maggie and Stella

We couldn’t write an “About Us” page without introducing our loyal friends, Maggie and Stella. 


is our old, wise English Setter. She’s loving, sweet, and sensitive. Outdoors, she’s very energetic and loves her walks. We sound like proud parents here, but Maggie is extremely smart and loves to point. (Definitely worthy of a treat, right?). 


was a Britney Spaniel who loved to eat. Sadly, she passed away right before Christmas 2022. While our hearts are still a bit broken, we’ve got lots of wonderful memories to keep her spirit alive. Stella was independent, strong-minded, and a bit of a troublemaker, but extremely loving and protective of her family. She could run for hours and happily explore the neighbourhood if given the opportunity. Inside, she followed us like a shadow. Rest in peace, sweet Stella. 

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