125 Extra Wide Kitty & Dog Plant-Based Bags
125 Extra Wide Kitty & Dog Plant-Based Bags
125 Extra Wide Kitty & Dog Plant-Based Bags
125 Extra Wide Kitty & Dog Plant-Based Bags

125 Extra Wide Kitty & Dog Plant-Based Bags

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Plant-Based • Truly Compostable • Convenient • High-Quality 

We go beyond “eco-friendly” (which doesn’t mean biodegradable, by the way) to create polyethylene-free, fully biodegradable poo bags. Our goal is to have the least impact on the environment possible, and it starts with simple changes like choosing plant-based materials over plastic. 

We know opening poo bags can be a hassle, that's why ours were designed to be easy to open and easy to use. These bags are great for bigger dogs, kitty litter and yard cleanup days.

Our custom designed easy-open boxes make it easy to extract single bags.

  • 125 Extra Wide Rex Compost Poo Bags
  • Non scented and leak-proof
  • Core is made from recyclable material 
  • 12’’ x 13.5’’ inches
  • Extra strong / 20 microns thick 
  • Perfect for larger dogs/ kitty litter cleanup/ backyard cleanup /kitchen compost and disposal of eco-friendly baby diapers

Made from a blend of PBAT, vegetable starches, and meet the compostability standards of ASTM D6400 and EN13432 

Earthtacular certified compostable bags are polyethylene-free and are suitable for home composting or can be disposed of at a municipal composting facility that accepts pet waste. Additionally, when composting at home, it’s recommended not to use the resulting soil on edible crops due to the presence of bacteria in pet waste. In summary, these bags are a great option for environmentally conscious pet owners.


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We can do it!

One small change = a HUGE impact.

You might be wondering, “Does switching to plant based poo bags really make a difference? I’m just one person.” The answer: Yes, yes, and more yes! 

Let’s get down to earth.

We think the earth is pretty spectacular – hence our brand name, Earthtacular. It’s also why we’re on a mission to make products that pull double duty: making your life easier while reducing the impact on our planet. 

Rex™ Truly Compostable Poo Bags
Loved by People & the Planet

It's about time a company made a product that is convenient AND good for the planet. Stronger, easier to open and truly compostable.

Happy Tales from Happy Tails


I purchased the REX bags after doing some research on biodegradable options, a priority for me.

I am in love with this product. Great value! Great product! Great customer service! 


Toronto, ON


I got my hands on these new Rex biodegradable poop bags and I must say they are awesome. They hold more than my dog can poop which makes pick up a breeze!! Love them


Richmond Hill, ON


I have been waiting for something like this bag for so long absolutely everything else on the market is a joke when it comes to prioritizing the green movement.

This is actually the only bag that has worked right before our eyes, is sustainable, and strong enough that it doesn't tear or break when we use it for our dog. We are absolutely overjoyed that someone finally invented this!


Richmond Hill, ON